About Us

Alpha Siyakha Industries will develop an innovative semi self-sufficient business park and shopping park. We take a systems approach to developing a sustainable environment for our tenants with a goal of reducing their monthly expenses. The Alpha Siyakha Industries Business Park will provide cost efficient workshop space whilst the Alpha Siyakha Industries Shopping Park will provide cost-efficient retail space..
To build a high quality, low cost and environmentally friendly workshop and retail space with low operating cost.
To provide sustainable rental space to the community that would improve the social, economic and environmental impact on communities.
To improve profit margins on return on investment in the property development sector.

Alternative to conventional building

The strength and integrity of the building are of the utmost importance when looking at long term durability that’s why we chose shipping containers. The shipping containers are one of the most durable structures built to withstand most natural disasters so as to protect its contents. The shipping container’s efficient design of flooring, support walls, and roof allows for much faster build times, therefore, reducing costs.

Designs and Space usage

  • The modular design will assist with the efficient planning and designing of the interior. The basic workshop space will house downstairs 10 x workstation and upstairs 4 x office space excluding what can be done outside. With a total space of up to 60 sqm.
  • While being environmentally friendly in terms of construction, we also have taken into consideration the running costs of our tenants and will use the latest technics and technologies to create a semi self-sufficient workspace. This blueprint will be duplicated in Alpha Siyakha Industries Shopping Park, therefore creating a profitable venture for both the tenants and landlords.

Investor Info

Based on the current market trends the Alpha Siyakha Industries Business Park is a lucrative venture. This project will yield an estimated 20% return on investment per annum at minimum, with faster construction time. With the semi self-sustainable system a full occupancy rate is guaranteed. It has many benefits and contributes to economic transformation, therefore, attracting Municipal concessions and SARS benefits. Which adds to the return on investment. This venture will allow a developer to multiply his development sites and investors much faster. Therefore making this project very viable.